Today I'm officially a 4th year student of IIUM.. That means this is my last semester of classes and then 6 months of internship, then I'm outta here.. Should I be happy, sad, or frightened? All of the above I must say.. Happy cuz I'm gonna be a degree holder soon, frightened to enter career world and sad cuz I'll leave campus life, no longer a student, and on top of that, no more angpau on Hari Raya! Waa~

I only left with 3 subjects and a Final Year Project (FYP).. Come to think of it, I really didn't notice spending years in here.. But then again, who does right? Yesterday I was just a freshie, making new friends, getting lost to go to classes, and today I'm a senior! How's that for a change? As today is the first day of new semester, department offices are packed! Not just that, they all waiting in front of the lecturers room just to get the lecturers' signatures.. And I'm here just watching, passing by with a smile on my face.. (Been there, done that! Eheh..)

So, GOOD LUCK everyone.. May this semester brings us new spirit for us to work harder and be smarter in dealing matters.. (Did I just rapping?) All praises to Allah.. Wassalam

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Today, I would like to present about.. erk stop2! You are in the wrong place la sis.. This is your blog.. Owh~ Salah ek? My bad.. my bad.. Eheh! (still got "presentations" fever)

Hi people! Wahhh long time since i wrote in here, isn't it? It has been hectic for this passed 2 months i tell you.. Assignments, projects, mid terms, presentations.. Haihh.. I barely had time for myself! It's a miracle if one night I did not have any discussions.. Miracle! Even sometimes, 2 subjects per discussion.. Our favourite spot will be; BILIK TV MAHALLAH AMEENAH.. Luckily it's very comfortable.. Air-cond, TVs, couches, clean mattresses.. FYI, i can say it has become our second room since we spent the whole night there and only got back to our primary room at dawn.. And now, no more "final exams are just in the corner" cuz they are here! Aarghhh!! (Ehem2.. Behave ye sister..) But it's true! Look look!


Lemme tell you 'bout it.. Numec is the same as calculus, but way tougher.. But maybe I got the barakah for sitting in the front row from day 1, so kinda can understamd what the lecturer was saying.. Huhu.. Not to forget, special thanks to Jaja, for the slides from UTP.. BIG HELP! Cooking? Err.. yeah i took cooking skills.. :") It was okay.. The instructor, Cikgu Saha is a very cool man that he promised us an A from the very beginning of the class cuz never in his 8 years of teaching, all 23 students came for the first class.. Hahai~ Cyber law; a night class on Friday.. Sigh~ But something good happened during final presentation.. (can't tell u guys.. sorry~) Requirement Engineering (RE) class is an elective subject (for CS students, we have to take at least 4 electives) taught by Dr. Normi who's a very nice, humble person.. The handout slides for each chapter are not more than 4 pages.. I LOVE YOU MADAM!

And the award for the toughest-and-very-difficult-to-understand class goes to... Computer Architecture and Assembly Language! Yeahh!! I almost drown to survive CAAL.. Susah gile wa cakap lu! Tapi tapi tapi.. Alhamdulillah.. I scored the highest carry marks! whaaaatt?? TAK CAYE! TIPU3! Anyway, Prof Wahab is one of the lecturers I most respect.. He is a very very good lecturer, respected by students and officers.. Sayang kat sir gak!

Ah.. here comes Advanced Wireless.. I took this subject (which also an elective) because the Sir Mabrouk is da best! I took his Wireless Communication class last 2 semesters and it was my favourite subject of all .. and also cuz he promised that Advanced Wireless will not have final exam.. Hiyeay! But but but.. We need to do big project in return.. Oh it is big alright.. The class was divided into 4 groups.. My group, Digital Audio Mixer that consists of 11 members, need to build a software-based Audio Mixer.. (ala yang pakai kat music studio tu..) Progress presentation on every week.. In the end of the semester (which was on 22nd Oct), we had our final presentation in front of the ICT Dean, Head of Department (my FYP supervisor next semester), Prof Wahab (remember CAAL?) and Dr Maziah (which also my Artificial "AI" Intelligent lecturer).. It went well and they loved it! Go team!

Oh EAP EAP EAP!.. I have EAP finals this 4th of November.. Wish me luck!

There goes the whole semester... Ahaks!

Last Saturday, 23rd of October, my father's youngest sister got married in Perak.. As I was busy taking photos, I went into the room where i put all my belongings.. I noticed that my hand bag was opened and i anxiously looked for my phones.. Where is it? Where is it? And no where to be found.. Damn! Both of my phones got stolen! Then i realized something.. OMG my purse! *GONE* (ooh my Roxy.. isk2!) I rushed and went to see my dad and told him about it.. I called and called and the phones were still ringing.. I bet he/she didn't know how to unlock the phone let alone switched it off.. My uncle told me to make a police report.. Since my purse was also gone, I need to retrieve my I/C, license, matric card and God-knows-what-else.. After got back from the police station, my mum told me that my purse was found in the toilet.. Everything was there except for my matric cards.. both PJ and Gombak.. Hurm.. Plus, I sprained my ankle that night.. I asked abah to give me a massage, and as a result, I can't even stand on my foot the next day.. :'(

I felt very tested.. Phoneless, my foot was killing me, and I got CAAL's finals on Tuesday.. My God.. Nonetheless, I still can think of the bright side.. Redha is the key.. There must be silverlining for all my sufferings right? As they say, "there's light at the end of a tunnel" :) My foot is better now.. Owh, I had to buy a new phone (disebalik takder duit & nak abes sem.. waa!)

‎"Barangsiapa bertakwa kepada Allah nescaya Dia akan membukakan jalan keluar baginya, dan Dia memberikan rezeki dari arah yang tidak disangka-sangkanya. Dan barangsiapa bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mencukupkan (keperluan)nya. Sesungguhnya Allah melaksanakan urusan-Nya. Sungguh, Allah telah mengadakan ketentuan bagi setiap sesuatu." (65: 2-3)

Thus, I pray that all of us will achieve success in life and the hereafter, live in a peaceful and harmony country, protect us from evil deeds of humans and other creatures, preserve our iman and taqwa, and I pray that me and my friends will do fine to our final exams, and get good results.. Amiinn~

P/s: Thanks to bahiyahaziz and Anntzar for following my blog.. I haven't visited and updated my blog yet they still click on the "Follow" button.. Sayang korang gak! :D


How to begin my story? Okay, the title just did .. As u all may want to know, every semester, IIUM will accept thousands of new intake students and like 2 previous sems, I was one of the committees incharged of the Ta'aruf Week (fyi, ta'aruf means orientation and week means.. week la ;p). My first involvement was during semester 1, July 2009/2010 as the Programme Coordinator committee, and the second was during semester 2, December 2009/2010 as the Preparation & Technical committee. So, for my 3rd time, i was kinda hoping that i would get Prep Tech bureau as well, but as soon as i saw my name under the Multimedia Bureau, as the ASSISTANT HEAD, i was like...

Me: Eh Shyra, ni aku ke ni?
Shyra Registration: name ko kan ni? Btol la tu.. <------another shyra.. in Ta'aruf, we have 4 syahirah.. very the famous u see)

Omg! omg! Multimedia was like my last choice! Plus, i've never been a Multimedia crew before.. No experience, nada! I felt so down.. :(
But before i knew, it turned out to be the most invaluable experience ever.. :)

So the next day, all of us (around 200 commitees) went to Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson for Induction. You know, ice breaking, having fun, brainstorming, etc2. Oh, I almost forgot. As MM crew, we are incharge of photography sessions, name tags, videos, gimmick, and any other multimedia thingy.. So, instead of playing the sukaneka games, i took pictures! hek3! Hey i just bought the shoes.. 1st time using it, sayang tau! ;p

So 3 days there, we got along.. Got to know new people, took pictures, play cool (as Asst. Head.. ngeh3), and owh3! I've developed new passion for photography!! Seriously tho.. i'm carayyzee! (Abah, akak nak DSLR 1 plizzzz~~ *batting eyeleshes* )

check it out.. i took these ----->

cool beans, ain't it?

Hey.. how rude i are? Introducing... the coolest, the cun-est and the smallest crew of Ta'aruf Week July 2010/2011.. Multimedia Crew!!! (Clap3!)

Boys: Spa Q, Ameen, Hasbi, Zaid
Girls: Kaka, Nadz, Nina, Syira, Aniq

We had our gimmick shooting at Port Dickson when other bureaus were busy brainstorming to complete their actions/master plans.. hehe.. we had so much fun!!

We went back to UIA on the 1st July 2010 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAZWAN KADIR!) and we had our operation room at KAED lecture room.. Every night we had to stay back till 2-3 a.m. Poor us.. isk3! naah... As a student, we all have gotten used to it.. Piece of cake mann.. ;) To make it interesting, one night, when me n nina were walking back to our room, just 50 metres away, we got stopped by a freakin' dog!! Ya Allah.. We were so afraid and recited doas in hoping it will go away or at least not biting us.. We went there, it followed us.. We turned over and that creature friggin' chased us! buduh punye anjing! we slowly turned back and went to the guard booth, alhamdulillah it went back to its resting place.. Kesian mak guard yang mamai tu kena teman kitorang balik.. haihh~ What a nite, huh?

6th July 2010.. Here comes the big R-Day.. Around 1800++ registered and i was assigned to be the backstage-girl.. We played e-announcement, videos and pictures taken during registration over and over again.. Did i mention that the e-announcement voice was mine? Yup.. Me me! But i didn't have to tell tho.. People kept asking me whether it was me and i was like.. "eh, manade..." *blushed*

4 out of 5 gals in my bureau were selected to be MCs yeaww! haha.. but little did i know, i had no partner.. just me! huwaa... but i kinda rawk! :)

2 weeks of Ta'aruf, I learned about Corel the video editor, more Photoshop tutorials, and i had to create a KYKM (Knowing You Knowing Me) video for 21 Prep Tech crew in just 1 minute! can u believe it? sure u can.. i did it.. 1 min 30 secs.. ok la tu kan, kang cam charlie chaplin lak jadinye.. hehe
Okayyh.. Here i put some pictures during the event.. Me so lazy to slam on this keyboard.. Plus i re-write this thang after the bloddy blog erased it when i tried to insert pictures.. hmphh -_-"


backstage gal

our 1st dinner all together..

me taking pictures

i got some style, huh? hehe

sleepy heads: students

sleepy heads: committees

sleepy heads: speakers

Photography sessionsWork work & workOperation Room

Pose!Control.. ;)Me & Prep Tech Bureau

Last but not least, i would like to thank to ALL my friends for your knowledge, your contributions you've given me & also to make the Ta'aruf worked.. I'm sorry if i ever wronged you guys directly or indirectly.. I tried my best to be a good leader, a great friend and i hope that our friendship remains till the end of time.. u all A-lot!! -xoxo-


Hey readers.. Before i begin, i feel like clarifying 1 thing.. Do u see that book that i'm holding in the About Me picture? Right hand Iced Blended Caramel Coffee Bean (which most probably i'm gonna buy like tomorrow cuz it's been ages since i had one), and left hand a book? Yeah it says She's so Money for those who can't read.. i mean see. Anyway, here's d thing.. i just love books.. i can sit alone for hours in a bookstore just reading and do nothing.. And frankly that book was bought like 10 mins before d picture was taken by my beloved cousin.. (She's cute btw.. ;) ) So why am i telling u this? Because a "bird" told me that anyone (especially strangers) who's readin' my blog and see my photo could think that i'm so into money which i'm not.. (but they could also think so since i'm explaining this.. Aii people are so complicated..)
Erm, moving on.. I should be studying right now.. cuz it's finals. But i'm so caught up in laziness.. My first-and-only final paper is on 16th June 2010.. 1 paper only babe! (it's a short semester, fyi) But still.. we students are capable of multi-tasking.. Studying, facebook-ing, blogging, texting and chatting all at once! very productive u see.. hehe... okie-dokie! gtg now.. wish me luck people.. Daa~~


Hey guys! Err.. I should say WELCOME TO MY BLOG, shouldn't i? So.. Welcome to my blog.. hehe.. Seriously, it took me some time to think what to write in here. Even right at this second.. (help!) Ehem.. Well, as I was saying, I said that there were reasons why I start to do blogging, right? Actually it's been 4 years tho.. Since my time at the Matriculation Centre, IIUM (currently known as CF..whatevvs), on my 18th birthday, which was on the 29th January, I joined the Martial Arts Festival as Aikido Club representative (yeah.. i learned Aikido people!). It was hell of a birthday. The night on the 28th, me and my Aikido friends did some demonstrations to introduce our club in front of every student and officers, not to mention it was held at the field in front of brothers' hostels! (Yikes!) And the night on the 29th, I helped to organize Srikandi Nite as the Head of Publicity & Promotion (impressed? ;) ) with only 4 girls in my bureau.. It was a success i must say.. And at the end of that night, during the post-mortem, before the clock striked 12, everyone sang a birthday song for me.. (omg.. i terharu, u!) with a lil tears in my eyes, i really really really wish i could tell the whole world 'bout it.. Can't believe it took years for me to tell this story.. More to come, insyaAllah.. I also hope that as time passes by, it will remind me how life taught me to live, what have I gone thru and places I have been.. There. Those are my reasons.. Quite valid, doncha think? eheh.. OMG! Must stop babbling.. Aite guys.. Laterr~