Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hey y’all! Long time no see kan? I’ve been meaning to write but haven’t got the time. Okay, quick update: I’ve already finished my Internship and right now I’m about to graduate. More stories on that later, insyaAllah.

Hokayh, so on Sunday (15/01/2012), I’ve attended this event called “Reflection” organized by Ammarahijabi at Blackbox, Publika Solaris Dutamas with my dearie friend Kak Sumayyah. Reflection is basically an event where we get to shop, meet famous amos bloggers, and more importantly donate our money for charity! How cool is that?! It’s started at 10am but since I literally live 4 minutes away (according to Google Maps) from Publika, so I came lepas zuhur.. heheh :p

I bought the exclusive tickets, so me and Kak Sumayyah were entitled to watch the Fashion Show by AMMARAHIJABI, OLDBLOSSOMBOX, YASALMA, PASTELINA, SHOPSPTNKSWTHRT, RINASALLEH COLLECTIONS , ABIYA MUSLIMAH, CALAQISYA & NILAM.

Truth be told, this is my first time attending invited event like this. Of course we've seen fashion shows at the Shopping Malls, but they are not the same. You know, meeting those well-known bloggers whom I silently stalked for quite some time :’) and boy, those people who came really did have fancy styles and a unique way how they put their clothes on. I was really shy standing next to them actually L Anyhoo, the good thing was, I am good at making the first conversation. So while I was queuing alone (Kak Sumayyah went shopping @ the booth) waiting to enter the fashion show room/hall/gallery (please choose one), I just turned my back and say salam to these 2 lovely girls; Fiza & Fatimah and we clicked right away! :D From that moment, we went everywhere together-gether.

Okay 'nuff said. Enjoy these photos yeah ;)

1) The Booth.

They have about 20 booths, but my apologies for not taking them sooner. After the fashion show, most of them have already wrap it up.

2) The Show.

I really enjoyed myself with the environment, the mood, the dresses, the models, the people and simply everything! Plus, I just watched Sex and the City movie the night before. Lagi laa excited terlebey sudah :p

So here are some of the collection I love the most. Of course there are many more, but too bad the pictures aren't so great.

Meet Fatimah, Fiza, ME and Kak Sumayyah

The host: Maria Elena

I'm not exaggerating, but MasyaAllah you looked so angelic/princessy with that outfit Maria!
Cantik sangat! @.@

Abiya Muslimah Collection

Yasalma Collection

Schanaz by Shopsptnkswthrt

Rina Salleh Collection


* Dibs on the skirt

Calaqisya Collection

Ammara Hijabi

Special Performance by:

Heliza Helmi


The Fabulous Cats
When I watched all the dresses and outfits on the runway, I felt so ecstatic cuz they were all so beautiful and divine! Waahh I felt like buying all the clothes.. But since I'm unemployed, dapat cuci mata je la huk3

3) The people.

I met these awesome people and got the chance to talk, hug and take pictures together! Yeayyy~~!

*Gasp* Hana.. *Gasp* Hana Tajimaaaaa~~


ME: "Maria, I love youuu!"
Maria: "Alolololo...."
And she hugged me! Weeeee~~ Orang lain bergambar tak dapat huggy okeh!
p/s: I'm normal, I'm just too excited to meet her :D

♥ Heliza ♥

♥ Vivy Yusof of Proud Duck

♥ Kak Amal

♥ Farah Adeeba ♥


Shea & Yanni



Sorry for no photos available for OldBlossomBox and Nilam. Their collection were superb but apparently not my P300. Aishh.. -_-" After the event, Kak Sumayyah and I went to Solaris Mont Kiara and we lepak-ed at Coffee Bean.

Teehee ini kak Sumayyah punye, I mintak sikit.. Mine of course la Ice Blended Caramel Coffee.. Slurppp!

Cheese Bagel

Chicken Lasagna

Ehem.. Posing ye kak.. hehe

Alrighty, that would be all from me. Until we meet again, XOXO. Salam..