Hey readers.. Before i begin, i feel like clarifying 1 thing.. Do u see that book that i'm holding in the About Me picture? Right hand Iced Blended Caramel Coffee Bean (which most probably i'm gonna buy like tomorrow cuz it's been ages since i had one), and left hand a book? Yeah it says She's so Money for those who can't read.. i mean see. Anyway, here's d thing.. i just love books.. i can sit alone for hours in a bookstore just reading and do nothing.. And frankly that book was bought like 10 mins before d picture was taken by my beloved cousin.. (She's cute btw.. ;) ) So why am i telling u this? Because a "bird" told me that anyone (especially strangers) who's readin' my blog and see my photo could think that i'm so into money which i'm not.. (but they could also think so since i'm explaining this.. Aii people are so complicated..)
Erm, moving on.. I should be studying right now.. cuz it's finals. But i'm so caught up in laziness.. My first-and-only final paper is on 16th June 2010.. 1 paper only babe! (it's a short semester, fyi) But still.. we students are capable of multi-tasking.. Studying, facebook-ing, blogging, texting and chatting all at once! very productive u see.. hehe... okie-dokie! gtg now.. wish me luck people.. Daa~~


Hey guys! Err.. I should say WELCOME TO MY BLOG, shouldn't i? So.. Welcome to my blog.. hehe.. Seriously, it took me some time to think what to write in here. Even right at this second.. (help!) Ehem.. Well, as I was saying, I said that there were reasons why I start to do blogging, right? Actually it's been 4 years tho.. Since my time at the Matriculation Centre, IIUM (currently known as CF..whatevvs), on my 18th birthday, which was on the 29th January, I joined the Martial Arts Festival as Aikido Club representative (yeah.. i learned Aikido people!). It was hell of a birthday. The night on the 28th, me and my Aikido friends did some demonstrations to introduce our club in front of every student and officers, not to mention it was held at the field in front of brothers' hostels! (Yikes!) And the night on the 29th, I helped to organize Srikandi Nite as the Head of Publicity & Promotion (impressed? ;) ) with only 4 girls in my bureau.. It was a success i must say.. And at the end of that night, during the post-mortem, before the clock striked 12, everyone sang a birthday song for me.. (omg.. i terharu, u!) with a lil tears in my eyes, i really really really wish i could tell the whole world 'bout it.. Can't believe it took years for me to tell this story.. More to come, insyaAllah.. I also hope that as time passes by, it will remind me how life taught me to live, what have I gone thru and places I have been.. There. Those are my reasons.. Quite valid, doncha think? eheh.. OMG! Must stop babbling.. Aite guys.. Laterr~