How to begin my story? Okay, the title just did .. As u all may want to know, every semester, IIUM will accept thousands of new intake students and like 2 previous sems, I was one of the committees incharged of the Ta'aruf Week (fyi, ta'aruf means orientation and week means.. week la ;p). My first involvement was during semester 1, July 2009/2010 as the Programme Coordinator committee, and the second was during semester 2, December 2009/2010 as the Preparation & Technical committee. So, for my 3rd time, i was kinda hoping that i would get Prep Tech bureau as well, but as soon as i saw my name under the Multimedia Bureau, as the ASSISTANT HEAD, i was like...

Me: Eh Shyra, ni aku ke ni?
Shyra Registration: name ko kan ni? Btol la tu.. <------another shyra.. in Ta'aruf, we have 4 syahirah.. very the famous u see)

Omg! omg! Multimedia was like my last choice! Plus, i've never been a Multimedia crew before.. No experience, nada! I felt so down.. :(
But before i knew, it turned out to be the most invaluable experience ever.. :)

So the next day, all of us (around 200 commitees) went to Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson for Induction. You know, ice breaking, having fun, brainstorming, etc2. Oh, I almost forgot. As MM crew, we are incharge of photography sessions, name tags, videos, gimmick, and any other multimedia thingy.. So, instead of playing the sukaneka games, i took pictures! hek3! Hey i just bought the shoes.. 1st time using it, sayang tau! ;p

So 3 days there, we got along.. Got to know new people, took pictures, play cool (as Asst. Head.. ngeh3), and owh3! I've developed new passion for photography!! Seriously tho.. i'm carayyzee! (Abah, akak nak DSLR 1 plizzzz~~ *batting eyeleshes* )

check it out.. i took these ----->

cool beans, ain't it?

Hey.. how rude i are? Introducing... the coolest, the cun-est and the smallest crew of Ta'aruf Week July 2010/2011.. Multimedia Crew!!! (Clap3!)

Boys: Spa Q, Ameen, Hasbi, Zaid
Girls: Kaka, Nadz, Nina, Syira, Aniq

We had our gimmick shooting at Port Dickson when other bureaus were busy brainstorming to complete their actions/master plans.. hehe.. we had so much fun!!

We went back to UIA on the 1st July 2010 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAZWAN KADIR!) and we had our operation room at KAED lecture room.. Every night we had to stay back till 2-3 a.m. Poor us.. isk3! naah... As a student, we all have gotten used to it.. Piece of cake mann.. ;) To make it interesting, one night, when me n nina were walking back to our room, just 50 metres away, we got stopped by a freakin' dog!! Ya Allah.. We were so afraid and recited doas in hoping it will go away or at least not biting us.. We went there, it followed us.. We turned over and that creature friggin' chased us! buduh punye anjing! we slowly turned back and went to the guard booth, alhamdulillah it went back to its resting place.. Kesian mak guard yang mamai tu kena teman kitorang balik.. haihh~ What a nite, huh?

6th July 2010.. Here comes the big R-Day.. Around 1800++ registered and i was assigned to be the backstage-girl.. We played e-announcement, videos and pictures taken during registration over and over again.. Did i mention that the e-announcement voice was mine? Yup.. Me me! But i didn't have to tell tho.. People kept asking me whether it was me and i was like.. "eh, manade..." *blushed*

4 out of 5 gals in my bureau were selected to be MCs yeaww! haha.. but little did i know, i had no partner.. just me! huwaa... but i kinda rawk! :)

2 weeks of Ta'aruf, I learned about Corel the video editor, more Photoshop tutorials, and i had to create a KYKM (Knowing You Knowing Me) video for 21 Prep Tech crew in just 1 minute! can u believe it? sure u can.. i did it.. 1 min 30 secs.. ok la tu kan, kang cam charlie chaplin lak jadinye.. hehe
Okayyh.. Here i put some pictures during the event.. Me so lazy to slam on this keyboard.. Plus i re-write this thang after the bloddy blog erased it when i tried to insert pictures.. hmphh -_-"


backstage gal

our 1st dinner all together..

me taking pictures

i got some style, huh? hehe

sleepy heads: students

sleepy heads: committees

sleepy heads: speakers

Photography sessionsWork work & workOperation Room

Pose!Control.. ;)Me & Prep Tech Bureau

Last but not least, i would like to thank to ALL my friends for your knowledge, your contributions you've given me & also to make the Ta'aruf worked.. I'm sorry if i ever wronged you guys directly or indirectly.. I tried my best to be a good leader, a great friend and i hope that our friendship remains till the end of time.. u all A-lot!! -xoxo-