Salam y'all!

Okay. What was it I wanted to write about?


Oh. Got it. I missed the YES sale!! Oh NOOOO~ Why? Lemme tell you why.. Duit JPA x masuk lagi!!

"Dear JPA, do you know how you've caused us by not giving us money yet? We had to "catu" our meals, you know? When others went shopping crazily, all we could do were just.. watched. In jealousy.. Dayyumm!"

Alright2, I know what u guys are thinking.. We shouldn't waste our money on something unnecessary especially shopping, right? Well, as not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman, we couldn't help ourselves. We shop, then we think. That's how it works. Right gals? And besides, we earned it.. Take it as a redemption to studying hard-rock-cafe.. Hahaha just kidding!

Anyways, I had to think fast and smart, what can I do to survive till God-knows-when we can get the money so we can eat, love & shop. (Pray is always a must yea..) Then it got me thinking, why not try tutoring? I could earn RM 1000, plus I NEVER had any working experience. It could be good to put it in my resume tho.. So then I applied for Numerical, but after 2 weeks of waiting, I was rejected due only few students registered for the subject. (Sedeyh woo..) But but but... the lecturer offered me to teach Calculus instead. No guys, I didn't accept it.. Cuz i sucked at Calculus during my time and I still am.. And cuz i had another option.. Hik2!

Well, I'm now selling SHAWLS yaww! Can't you believe it? Me? Selling shawls? I didn't know where I had the courage to so.. Really! I guess Allah have given me the strength to do something beyond my expectation and my imagination. (Boleh letak dalam resume nie.. hehe!)

So far my customers are my friends, my friends of friends, and last Friday, I opened a booth at Mahallah (college) Ameenah Cafetaria from 1130am - 300pm.. Alhamdulillah syukur.. It went well :) Not to forget, half credit goes to Baah, my lovely-cute-roommate for giving me the courage to do so.. And cuz she's a loyal customer.. Hehe.. And the other half belongs to my.. erm.. :)

I'm so blessed to have such a supportive MOTHER, EHEM, EHEM'S MUM, EHEM'S LIL SISTER, ROOMMATES, COUSIN & of course my SUPERB FRIENDS! I LOVE YOU ALL! And the ultimate gratitude goes to Allah S.W.T, for giving me ways to deal with my challenges in life.. Only You know what's best for all of us.. Ya Allah, Kau berilah kemudahan kepadaku, permudahkanlah urusanku dan berkatilah rezekiku.. Aminnn~

Okay shawl lovers out there, if you are interested, just let me know okay. I'm thinking of posting them on FB due to many requests, but I still haven't decided it yet.. We'll see.. Wish me luck yea!

Until then... SALAM